Tuesday 24th May 2011

The wind had dropped a little when I woke, I felt very weak and my limbs were heavy. I sat still for a while and tried to relax. Mornings go like that every day, but quite often when I start to move the heavy feeling subsides, but each morning I just have to sit until the heavy feeling goes away and my body starts to wake up.  The fire had almost gone out arggh, I hoped there was enough heat to heat the water up for a hot cup of coffee.  The electricity was still off. I hobbled to the kitchen to fill up a saucepan with water and put a lid over it, then made my way back to the living room and placed the pan on the few remaining lit embres. I waited with a hopeful heart and my patience paid off, the water began to boil and I managed to get my morning coffee.  I know that sufferers of Fybromyalgia are advised to stay away from coffee, but, I enjoy my morning coffee and I don’t want to give it up. 

My feet were extremely painful and I had a lot of facial pain, I hadn’t suffered from facial pain in a long while, so it kind of annoyed me a bit.  I took my pain killers and began to get myself washed, dressed and ready for the rest of the day.  Ablutions all done, I had to sit again to regain my strength, the facial pain had travelled round to the back of my head and the nape of my neck.  I tried some breathing excercises to help me relax and ended up sitting for about an hour or so.  I did my chores slowly and in between sitting down for rests, and the more I did the more my muscles ached. 

Soon it was time to take my pal Wallace out to the park, putting my shoes on was uncomfortable (painful feet, argggg).  I took my stick and Wallace grabbed his ball, and then we headed of on the short distance to the park.  Every step I took was uncomfortable, and my legs felt shaky. I was glad to reach the park where I could lean on my stick and not move for a little while, except to throw the ball for Wallace.  I had trained Wallace when he was a puppy to put the ball in my hand so that I wouldn’t have to bend down for it, I am always so glad that I had taught him to do that.  Throwing the ball for him is uncomfortable but worth it.  After a while Wallace decided he wanted to go home so I followed him down the road and I couldn’t wait to get my shoes off.  I flopped down on the chair and the energy just left me, again, so I had no choice but to sit and rest. Each time I sit and rest, I do some slow moving excecises like forming a circle with my foot or bending and stretching my legs when I am able to, this can be exhausting but I feel because  I sit down so much I need to keep moving my muscles whenever I can manage it, I worry that if  I don’t then my muscles wont work at all.

My husband was expecting to be home and due to the power cut and no means of communication I just had to assume that all had gone to plan.  I wanted to be rested by the time he got home so I slept most of the day away. I woke up with a raging headache and the little zig zag before my eyes told me that this headache was turning into a migraine. More pain killers and I was grateful for the lack of light.   After a while the headache subsided enough to make me feel a bit more comfortable, the facial pain was gone. 

My husband came home and was clearly in some pain with his shoulder, we decided that an early night would be the best thing as he was tired from the journey and I was my usual tired self.   As there was no electricity I had no electric blanket to switch on to help relieve me of the muscle pain and night cramps, so, I ended up going to bed wrapped up in long johns under my pyjamas and my thickest bed socks.  I finally fell asleep trying to ignore my headache and feet pain.   I hoped I would be better the next day, as I was being taken to town for some shopping, which is not something I do often, but my husband was incapacitated so I really had no choice.


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