Wallace of Awe

Wallace is a four-year old springer spaniel, he was born in a small village on the banks of Loch Awe in Argyll, Scotland. We got Wallace when he was a baby and he is very much a part of our lives.  His full pedigree title is Wallace of Awe and he is quite a character, he is both intelligent and stupid at the same time and he brings a lot of joy to our lives.

We taught Wallace the commands at an early age and he is very obedient. He knows, sit, stay, wait, off, down and come back, he does all of the commands apart from off and come back merely at a hand gesture or finger point, and no words are spoken.  He can relate to the words walk and out even if they a spelled out, he also know what “we will go for a you know what” means.  If you ask for a clean paw he will give you his left paw, if you ask for a dirty paw he will give you his right paw, however, this may be in reverse if you have a piece of cheese in your hand as he gets excited over his favourite tit bit.

Wallace’s favourite pastime is catching and fetching his ball and when we take him out nothing else matters, unless of course he finds a plastic bottle which is his most favourite play toy to run and fetch.  When Wallace is playing fetch, anything can go on all around him and he would not notice he concentrates so much on catching and fetching.  Wallace also enjoys swimming he adores jumping into water, he also loves getting dirty.

Wallace is fully aware of my disabilities and when I take him out he always checks to see if I am close to him. I have a visual impairment and if there is not much light around Wallace sticks close to me always. He also takes advantage of this by playing hide and seek with me and he will hide and wait till he hears me say, “Wallace where are you”, then he can be spotted  by the frantically wagging tail. Even if I can see him I pretend not to, but when I say, “where’s my boy”, in a sad low voice he will come running to me tail still wagging and I am sure there is always a smile on his face 🙂  When we are in the house he stays with me wherever I go; if I go for forty winks Wallace goes too. A funny thing that Wallace does is, when he passes wind and someone says “awwwww yuk” or says “who has pumpy bums”? Wallace will go under the table or lie at the door with a guilty look on his face, he will sulk, even if he wasn’t the one with the pumpy bum!!

I often wonder what goes on in Wallace’s mind at times and so all of the following posts in this category will be from “Wallace” or how I imagine Wallace to be.


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