Wednesday 25th May 2011

I woke this morning and wallah the electricity is back on again and we are connected to the outside world again.  I made coffee for myself and my husband and sat down to enjoy it: it felt good not to have to light the fire to boil some water to make it.  My legs felt very heavy and my feet felt as though I had walked for miles, I was still tired but I was going shopping today so I really needed to get myself moving so that I would be ready to be picked up by my friend at 11:3oam.  My husband was in a lot of pain due to the surgery on his shoulder I really had to get my body moving to ensure he would be ok while I was gone. 

Coffee finished, I dragged myself off the chair and hobbled away to begin the process of washing and dressing.  I checked that my husband was alright then took Wallace on the short walk to the park, he was in a mischievous mood and straight away he went “hiding” from me. He was supposedly hiding behind a tree, but his ever wagging tail was sticking out for all to see.  I began to shout the usual “Wallace, where are you”, several times then I looked the other way, I could clearly here his panting as he ran back towards me.  I continued to receive his ball placed in my hand and then I threw it several times for him to return it to me and repeat the whole procedure.  My legs felt strange, almost numb like, and I had pins and needs in the calf of my left leg.  I decided that it could be happening because I wasn’t moving around enough, so I decided to keep shifting my weight from one foot to another. However, this action caused my feet and ankles to be more painful and I was glad when Wallace decided it was time to go home.

I gave Wallace his breakfast and gathered all my things together so that I would not forget anything, glasses, purse, mobile phone etc, then I sat down in the chair and tried to relax until it was time to go shopping.  I was chatting to my husband and I could feel the facial pain return and with that my arm muscles began to ache too. I was determined that I would manage to go on this shopping trip and that I would be able to cope with it.

My friend picked me up to take me shopping and as I sat in the car I felt myself getting very tired. I chatted away to my friend and tried to ignore the aches and pains I was feeling. When we reached the supermarket I left my stick in the car as I decided the shopping trolley could support me as I walked.  Walking round the aisles I felt very tired and found it hard to concentrate on the shopping I needed.  After only a few minutes walking I really felt that I needed to sit down, but, I knew that if I did that then I would be sitting for a while and no shopping would get done, so I continued going round the aisle getting shopping. I pushed myself until I had collected everything I needed, the pain was immense and I couldn’t wait to get a seat.  Once through the checkout I headed for the seats outside in the cool air, as now I was very warm too.  I didn’t have to wait too long for my friend to collect me and my shopping.  When I stood up, that feeling in my leg was there again and my legs felt very shaky as I walked to the car.  My friend packed my shopping in the car and put the trolley away for me and I got into the car and gladly sat in the seat.  I began to feel very tired but I kept chatting away to my friend and tried very hard to ignore the pain in my legs and feet and the aching in my arms and neck.  I was so grateful that there was no headache.

When I got home I sat down for a few minutes then put the shopping away, it would soon be time to make our meal.  I took some painkillers and sat in the chair trying to relax and trying to ignore the aches and pains. I was so very tired. But my husband was hungry and his strong pain killers made him drowsy, so, I pulled myself from the chair and  went on to make our meal.  Now our meal has been over for a few hours and I have been sitting in this chair since then, too exhausted to move unless I really have to.  My headache has returned but hopefully the pain killers will kick in soon.   I am so looking forward to going to bed tonight and I hope that I get a full nights uninterrupted sleep.  I will be able to switch on my electric blanket so I will be able to relax. 

Although I am tired and exhausted after today’s shopping trip I have enjoyed being out and I am quietly proud of myself for just doing it despite the discomfort.  Sometimes the aches and pains and exhaustion can get me down, but, not today, today I have coped with everything very well.  Every day is a challenge and today I feel that I have met that challenge head on.  Well done me


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