It’s late :)

It’s late and here I am not ready to hit the sack just yet, so here I am :).  I don’t know where today has gone, it has just passed me by.  It has been a funny kind of day sunny, then rain, busy then not busy for me. 

I have just checked out my twitter page and if it wasn’t for the people I am following, it would be very lonely there :). Most of my friends don’t like twitter, they prefer Facebook where you can get a lot more conversation going. I get fed up with Facebook sometimes; well, mostly the games they play Farmville etc.  Some people can spend hours and hours on those games, I know I did too when I first used Facebook, but I soon got fed up with it. Real life gives me enough to worry about so never mind worrying about virtual crops or getting parts for stuff.  I still use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends now and again.  Twitter is new to me so we shall see how I get on with that. 

I need to set the time on here to real-time for this area, I have just noticed that it’s on UTC O time, my actual time is 11:24pm.  No big deal I can do that tomorrow.

Another day is almost over, I wonder what tomorrow will bring, I hope it’s sunshine, I would like to hang my washing out 🙂 

I think I will head off now .. night night to anyone who is out there 🙂



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