The past week

The past week has been one of the most uncomfortable weeks for a long time. Constant arm and leg pain as well as pain in my feet.  It is so frustrating.  There are things I want to do but can’t get them done for lack of energy. I dislike this illness immensely!!

A recent visit to the doctor at the hospital has added to my frustration as my right hip needs replaced and possibly my left one too as it was replaced almost twenty years ago and now it is not working properly.  However, I declined to go on the waiting list for the time being as I have to have surgery on my feet and maybe an eye op too. But in all honesty I may have to go onto the waiting list for my new hips sooner than I anticipated as walking has become uncomfortable.  On the brighter side, I will be bionic and I will have clearer vision along with painfree big toes when all this is over, I should be skipping around in no time at all ha-ha. 🙂 

Today the pain in my arms has changed to “burning” and they don’t feel so heavy, so this is definately a better day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be even better and maybe the sun will shine too, now, that would be nice 🙂




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