What’s next?

The past week has seen a lot of families glued to their television sets for this years Britain’s Got Talent.  We have been witness to one of the most entertaining shows on television. As usual there were wannabe’s along with the well talented contestants.  Controversy with the press stating that one of the acts had previously been mentored by Mr Simon Cowell.  If this was not enough to keep people watching, there was also the Got Talent Twitter page too, along with the BGT buzz off buzzer which was constantly on the go even when no acts were performing. 

The judges were in good form and did an excellent job. Amanda Holden gave regular information regarding her dresses, earrings and fingernails and Michael Hasslehoff kept tweeters in touch too.  Twitter was definitely buzzing with BGT mania for the whole week. However, the program has finished now, so what happens next?  I’m a celebrity get me out of here, or Xfactor ?? Whatever happens next it will have to go a long way to beat the excitement of BGT mania.



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