Fyrbro blues

I woke up with the usual aches and pains this morning but I am feeling loads better today. Constant aches and pains can wear me down and I often suffer with what I term as Fybro blues. This is a kind of depression caused from sheer frustration and a feeling of  “when will this ever stop”.I have noticed that this condition usually happens when I am exhausted and my concentration is impaired.  There is no point trying to ignore it, it is there.  The way I combat it is not to think about it and do what my body is asking me to do; rest and sleep.   The Fybro blues can last for a couple of hours or a couple of days, it all depends on how my body reacts to the aches and pains of the day.  Stress can also be a contributor, and can also cause further pain too. 

Getting the balance right is difficult and after six years dealing with this illness, I am still trying to find the balance.  Sometimes I succeed, other times I don’t, it really is a huge learning experience.  excercise works for some people, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, but I keep trying and I do little bits when I can.

Today is a better day so far, so it’s slowly forward and do what I can to accomplish my goals before the day ends. Wish me luck, I would like to get at least two of my goals completed for today. 🙂



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