Ghost of Dalavich

I wrote this poem this year for the annual village Burns supper, it went down great with the locals and later in the evening people could be heard walking round saying hello to the “ghost”.


I begin my journey from one place

A fine wee Kirk that’s full of grace

As darkness looms and daylight yields

I wander o’er the darkened fields


Then through the village I will go

In wind and rain or hail or snow

Now and then I stop and ponder

Do they know I’m here? I wonder


My journey comes close to an end

At the village hall just round the bend

This is the place that I like the best

For in this hall, I take my rest


Those little sounds that they will hear

Will let them know that I am near

Each creek of door, each little bump

Is just enough to make them jump


Woe is me, with no rest or sleep

For I forever in this world must creep

No friends have I, no foes to fight

My face is such a dreadful sight


Sadness flows like the river Avich

As here I wonder through Dalavich

Have pity on this lonely Ghost

Tis I who fear you all the most


One more thing before I go

Something that they all should know

No harm to them shall I render here

Just say hello when you think I’m near.


Now if you believe this tale of mine

And you have enjoyed this little rhyme

Shout out hello so loud and clear

To tell the ghost we know he’s here.


©Jeanie 2011






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