Good morning world

Today is a brand new day, hello new day, I hope you end up being a good one :).

 My old laptop is having problems, the b button has given up the ghost, but fear not, I will not be stuck haha, I am using the character map to insert the illusive letter.  I really need to save up and get another laptop :).  It maybe an old machine but it still runs like a dream, it will be sad to part with it.

I think I am getting the hang of Twitter now, notice I only think that :).  Time will tell. 

I have a lot of tasks on the go at the moment and I am still playing catch up with my chores.  I am trying to put together Wallace’s story, and I have some poetry on the go and I also have a novel that I started six months ago to complete. I doubt that I will ever be a famous writer, but my mother always believes I should be, so I promised her I would try to accomplished that while she is still with us.  Plenty of things there to keep me occupied and release the weird ideas that are hidden in the depth of my mind, wow, what a statement,  no-one wants to go there ha-ha.



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