Writing and me

Now that I have retired from a working life I try to fill my life by doing the things I like the most. Writing is one of those things that I have always done yet never taken seriously. Every since I was a child I would tell stories to my siblings and throughout the years family and friends have always told me I have a wonderful imagination.  I certainly wouldn’t want to try to analyze my mind that is for sure 🙂 what goes on within is a labyrinth of muddle and mayhem :).  I have not set much discipline to writing and my style is not consistent, it is usually dependant on how I feel at the time and what I am writing. Articles for small newsletters and coming up with ideas for other types of writing come easy and so do poems. Novels however, need discipline and therefore to enable me to finish the work I have begun, I need to get this in place.

Writing this blog will be a great help in giving me the inspiration to keep going and hopefully finish the novels I have already started.  Even if my work never gets published, I will have the satisfaction of giving my elderly mother a bound copy of my novel to allow her wish to come true. 

Due to my illness it may often be difficult to establish the discipline that I will need and there is no doubt that writing my novel will be a challenge. I am prepared to deal with this and hopefully one day in the not to distant future I will present my manuscript to my mother.  In the meantime anyone who takes an interest in my blog will see all types of everything and that may include a lot of rubbish stuff too :), but stay with me all you readers out there, things can only get better!




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