Lucky me

I haven’t won the lottery today,but I am relatively pain-free this morning, yay.  However, experience tells me not go run around jumping for joy.  I am happy, hopefully this will be a “normal” day.  No plans in place today, I will just take the day as it comes.

These days are like gold, very far and few between and lately days like this don’t come along often.  I can describe these days as being likened to relaxing in a hydro-pool, lovely. No pain, no pressure just relaxed.

So, what can I do on a day like today?  Well, after the household chores, I can go for a walk, albeit a short one, or I can visit friends and catch up on what is going on.  I may even manage to get some writing done :).   What ever the day brings I intend to enjoy this one.


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