You are not alone

Finding help

The website for UK Fybromyalgia is an excellent source for help and understanding of this illness.  Many Fybromyalgia sufferers often feel isolated and confused when they are first diagnosed and the UK Fybromyalgia website is a good place to find help.   There is also a forum on the website where you can interact with other sufferers and it’s then that you realise that you are really not alone; talking with people who are going through the same illness really does make a difference.

Fybro’ What?

Fybromyalgia is not a well known illness, I know that when I was diagnosed six years ago I had not heard of this illness before.  Those suffering from this incapacitating illness are often looked upon as being lazy or of being a hypocondriac.  This truly isn’t the case at all and if you browse through the forum on the UK Fybromyalgia website you will see the frustrations and the fears of living with this illness.  A good understanding of the illness can be found there.

Spread the Word Please

If more people had an understanding of this illness and what living with Fybromyalgia is really like then this would mean one less challenge for those who have to live with it day by day.  Please take a look at this website and see for yourself what Fybromyalgia means to those people who live with the illness every day; see the challenges they face and hear their story.  Living with constant chronic pain, chronic fatigue and often memory loss is not something anyone would wish to live with, this illness is real and not a figment of the imagination.  Help spread the word about this illness and post this link wherever you can :  

If you have been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia please visit the above link, you will see that you are not alone and there is plenty of help and information there waiting for you.



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