This movie was based on the novel Scaramouche written by Rafael Sabatini who is also known for writing the novels, Captain Blood and the Black Swan these  novels were also turned into movies.

The story is about Andre-Louis Moreau (Stewart Granger), the illegitimate son of a nobleman and Noel, the Marquis de Mayne, (Mel Ferrer) a nobleman in love with the Queen. Both men become enemies in this highly entertaining movie. Moreau is a free spirit whose only aim in life is fun and women. However, that soon changes when one of his closest friends is murdered.  The story is set in the days of the French revolution, (what is it with me and the French revolution 🙂 ), with plenty of duels, laughs and love.

I have seen this movie so many times that I could probably write out the whole plot :).  However, for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing the movie I wont.

Scaramouche is my all time favourite fun film, it has everything to make you stay glued to the screen; comedy, love, intrigue, drama and even a twist in the tale. It has also been said that this movie contains the longest fencing duel ever caught on film well that is until Zorro and  Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones took the world record.  Great performances from Stewart Granger and Mel Ferrer an excellent movie.


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