My mum is my hero

My mum is my hero and she is always there

She lifts me up so easily when I am in despair

My mum believes in me, no matter what I do

The bad times and the good times she will see me through

My mum’s the bravest woman I have ever seen

She’s been through trials and torments, others have not seen

A smile so warm and tender straight from a loving heart

A smile I’ve seen all my life right from the very start

Mum you are my hero in every single way

I thank God that you are my mum every single day

 I will love you always no matter where I go

I think that you are wonderful I just want you to know



  1. Wonderful to hear of the love and respect you have for your mother–she must be a great woman! I’m sure she feels the same love and pride to have you as her daughter. 🙂

    1. Thank you Becca, yes my mum has read it and she loved it, her first words were, “are you sure that is me your talking about”. I assured her it really was 🙂 Thank you for visiting

  2. Oh goodness this was so beautiful and inspirational..this is how i feel about my mom, seeing as she raised me on her own..she’s my hero too…Its amazing when children appreciates teh things there mother’s does for matter what they always there to help us and cheer us on, when u dont believe in urself, they believe in you for the both …

  3. I love this poem, it should be published and let everyone remember how important there mums are, as sometimes we forget then it is to late.

    1. Thank you for your comment, yes my mum has read this poem, I wrote it to make her feel special after my dad passed away, she loved it. Thank you for dropping by 🙂

  4. i am still crying. my mom is dying of cancer and she is the most wonderful woman in creation.
    this so reminded me of her. oh my goodness how it did.

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