It was midday when we arrived in the town to begin our shopping, and after collecting our trolley we headed off through the maze of aisles.   A fine display of fruit and vegetables greeted us at the start of our adventure and the hunt for a bargain began.  Trying to control a trolley with a mind of its own can be an adventure all by itself, but, then you have to avoid crashing into other trolleys and avoid running anyone over too.  I often wonder why people seem to stop for a chat in the aisles right in front of the place where I want to select something from a shelf.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they would move a little to allow you access to the shelf, but they don’t they are rooted to the spot.  I am usually patient, but, yesterday my feet hurt, my legs ached and I was already exhausted from the trip, all I wanted was to get the shopping done and head for home.  In my best polite voice  I asked nicely, “Excuse me please, can I just get into that shelf.”  The chatters moved along the aisle just enough to allow me access to the shelf, but, if looks were needles I would have been a pin cushion.   As I walked away from the chatting ladies I turned to them and said with a smile, “Thank you ladies, every little helps”.  

With our shopping complete we headed for the car and began our journey home through the busy town.  It is the start of the holiday season and on one side of the road the pavements were bustling with people, some with happy smiling faces, some with straight faces and some with blank expressions. In contrast the view on the other side of the road was of the sea with its mountainous  landscape and tiny yachts at the other side, a ferry was making its way towards the harbour and the view was tranquil.  I concentrated on that view as we head out-of-town on our way home.  It was raining and the views of the mountains changed to a misty haze which seem to bring with it an air of mystery.  

The rain stopped as we travelled along the country road to our village, but the mist still  shrouded the mountains like a shawl.  We arrived home and I commented on the fact that the rain had stopped and we then begun the task of unloading the car. Just as we closed the boot door of the car, it started to rain again.  I let the soft refreshing rain fall on my face for a few minutes before heading indoors to put the shopping away and enjoy a nice cup of tea. It had been a good day and even though I was in pain and exhausted, I enjoyed the day very much.  It is not often that I am able to take a shopping trip, and when I do I don’t enjoy it, because of my health issues, but yesterday was a good day for me to go shopping.


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