Good day

I am proud of my achievement today, I manged 400 words for my novel.  Not only did I manage that but, I also managed to go for a short walk round the village and I don’t feel tired.  I am able to stick to writing a little every day which is one step closer to getting into a regular routine.   I have found that on my “bad” days I can write notes down and when I am able I can then start to write, albeit a little at a time.  Whoo progress :).   I will get there eventually.

Another good thing today, I met a friend who has a baby sheep called Hamish, he is the cutest thing I have seen.  Friendly, cuddly and just adorable. He was following my friend everywhere.    

I will go for a rest now and see what else I can accomplish today – probably not the ironing :(, but not to worry there is no rush for that.


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