A message from Max

My Dad had a black and white cat called Max and he adored him.  A few years ago my Dad was taken into hospital with a chest infection, he was very worried about his cat. I wrote this little poem and took it along with a stuffed black toy cat to keep my Dad company.  He adored this poem and had it laminated and put on the wall next to his chair.  The poem is written in Scottish so if you have problems with it just ask me.


Hello there Dad, it’s me yer pal

I know ye are away

Yer at the vet’s tae make ye well

But ah miss ye everyday


A hope they clean yer cage awright

And feed ye really good

and change your litter twice a day

And if they don’t they should


Noo, am no wan fer telling tales

But this ah hafty say

Gran’s been sittin on yer chair

She does it every day


Ye ken that I get itchy nails

And that I canny hack it

It’s then that I just can’t resist

Scatching on yer carpet


Ah miss ye Dad so come hame soon

When yer feelin’ well

‘Cause am stretched oot along yer bed

Am there all by masel.


Luv from


There ye go signed.


©Jeanie McBain 2005




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