A rainy afternoon

I have managed to tick a lot of completed to-do items off my list, so now I am sitting back and relaxing for a little while.  I cautiously say Jeanie 1 Fybro 0 today at least ha.  

I  read through  my novel today for the hundredth time and decided that it needs a total revamp before I complete the chapter.   I just went with the flow and that’s ok as long as it takes me to where I want to go with the story.  However, I think I let the flow go too much, as now when I read it, it’s not what I originally envisaged. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing at the moment.   Feeling a bit lost with it at the moment, but I am sure when I get going with it again I will be fine.  There is a lot of the story that I will keep, but, on the other hand there are little bits in there that are nagging away at me for change.  For now I will take a break from it and go back later and look at it with fresh vision. I hope.

It is raining here today but it looks lovely outside, the flowers and bushes look as though they are thoroughly enjoying themselves; the birds are taking shelter but I can hear a distant wood pigeon hooting away somewhere out there.   It’s nice that the leaves on the plants seem to look more vivid in colour when it rains.   I like the earthy smell too that is coming in the window.  There isn’t much of a breeze out there, which is good for walking; it’s a pity I have to rest my legs today, otherwise it would have been a lovely walk, not to worry, maybe tomorrow.

It is so easy to relax here, it is all very still and quiet.  This is turning out to be a good afternoon and I am enjoying my rest.


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