I woke up early this morning;  painful legs made my night a restless one.  Four hours of sleep, but I feel like I have slept a full night.  I have a small list of things to do today and I should be able to get them all completed.  Once the pain-killers set it I will get my day started.

The weather is cloudy and dull today more rain forecast,  I have no plans for today, other than to tackle my to do list as and when I can.  Movement is uncomfortable today so I will go slowly.  There may be plenty of 40 winks thrown into today due to my early rise, but as long as it gets me through the day; so be it.

Foggy brain today, and my train of thought is all over the place, this will make writing a little heavy, but I am sure I will manage anyway.  I wouldn’t wish this illness on my worst enemy, it is truly awful.  

On a positive note, I have more time to indulge in my writing today and hopefully I will get out for the walk I have been promising myself these last couple of days.  The day has just begun so it’s upwards and onwards.


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