Fibro-fog alert

Fibro-fog as most fibromyalgia sufferers know, is a constant pain to live with.  It is the nickname which is used when the brain cannot think or perform properly. This makes it difficult to concentrate, focus or remember and it can be very frustrating.   This ailment is quite common in fibromyalgia sufferers. 

I haven’t been visiting forums or interacting very much this past week or so, because, I can’t hold the information I am reading and my concentration level is  at about 1% (an exaggeration I know, but that is what is feels like ).  However, I am managing to do little bits at a time and I blog every day but, it takes me ages to do.   I wish someone would come up with something to help with this hindrance. 

My writing has also been affected by the fibro-fog. I have loads of ideas for poems and I try to write them down, (if I remember). I have started a novel that has been abandoned for the time being or until my train of thought improves.   Hopefully the fog will clear soon, but in the meantime I will continue to try to write something every day.  

My phrase for today is:    If I am quiet then  I am foggy



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