The Village

The village and Loch look so lovely today

The sun shines brightly on a glorious day

And brown wooden houses stand all in a row

A place of tranquility a pleasure to know


Mountains stand tall in this wonderful scene

Long forest walks where ancestors have been

The village lies sleeping remote and refined

So calm and so peaceful forgotten by time


There are empty houses with stories to tell

Ghosts from the past that still like to dwell

The sadness around is hidden with laughter

And swallows build nests way up in the rafter


Some people move on to start lives anew

But what of the village, what can we do

As time passes by and the future awaits

The blackbird sits tall on an old wooden gate


The wildlife looks on from the fields and the trees

ThisΒ once busy village is brought to its knees

The sun shines brightly on the village today

And the wood-pigeon coos on a tree far away


This village survived throughout all the years

Good times and bad, with hopes and not fears

Like the phoenix that rose from the ashes of fire

The village, the re-birth will begin to transpire





  1. With each rebirth, modernization creeps in. All changes with time. It’s a shame. The older I get, the more I believe the old ways were best.

    1. Thank you Jingle, I will be back to the site as soon as I can, I have a very busy offline day today. I love being involved thank you for the opportunity xx

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