Wallace and his ball

Just a piece of fun 🙂

Had to sit for this one

The ball flies high into the air

It can land just anywhere

Wallace watches as it lands

I threw it far with my own hands

The springer sprung with all his might

To find his ball is his delight

Panic as he sniffs around

His favourite ball must be found

Spinging up and springing down

Wallace running all around

His tail is wagging fast and free

He runs with speed straight back to me

A soggy ball placed in my hand

Ready to throw across the land

A hundred times or maybe more

Wallace doesn’t count the score

An hour goes by and still he runs

And the day has only just begun

He will carry on forsaking all

To find and fetch his favourite ball

This pleasing sight before my eye

As Wallace jumps and springs so high

And my heart is filled with glee

Each time he brings the ball to me

Created for Poetry Pot Luck

Jeanie McBain



  1. Wonderful poem-story. I could write all day about my dog, too. He is the best writing inspiration!

    1. Hello Abby Kelly, thank you for your comment, yes Wallace is an inspiration too, I wrote the poem on the spur of the moment after our playtime in the park a bit of fun really 🙂 Thank you for visiting

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