Summer morning

The blue sky is background to a rising red sun

Soft fluffy clouds drift on by

The start of a day that has just begun

Birds are chirping close by

Cool water caressing the edge of the land

Ducks taking care of their young

Bare feet now covered by cooling damp sand

Willow leaves gracefully hung

Such is the morning a joy to partake

The wind gently blowing around

A warm summer morning down by the lake

A peace on earth can be found


Perfect Poet Award

Words are penned in thoughtful rhyme

Linger on through the passage of time

Poetic pictures that all can see

Written in ink for you and me

I would like to nominate: Californian Ink in Motion – Clinging White Sand   –  California Ink in Motion



  1. I am always enthralled by poetry of moment. By that I mean a poem that captures an instant, a photograph of life. It is amazing that we as humans can smith words into such an image.

  2. Hmmm… the peace, the beauty, the promise… beautiful way yo start a day! And I loved the picture you painted with words:)

  3. This was really lovely. After reading so much poetry about love or heartbreak or darker emotions (this includes my own poetry, most definitely), this poem was refreshing. A message of tranquility, peace and positive feelings.

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