Life is a place in time, borrowed from the Universe

Birth to death in dreams to diverse

A fleeting time to enjoy and embrace 

Life is where living takes place 






  1. Life is where living takes place

    Wonderful! How often we forget this basic truth. I love your poem. Thanks, too, for visiting me. Hugs, pat

  2. I like as a place to enjoy and embrace, albeit fleetingly. Great thoughts, puts everything in perspective.

  3. Lovely photo.

    Life is indeed a journey that starts with our birth and ends with our death. The journey for some may be short, while for others not so, but in between this journey of life is living.

    Insightful words.

  4. The universe has room for us to expand,
    Like a beach with only one grain of sand,
    One lifetime to experience the here and now,
    Adjust and learn the challenges somehow,
    And enjoy what new comes my way,
    Living, giving, and growing each day.

    1. Hello mm, my husband took this photo on his way to work one morning. Yes I like the idea of being part of something bigger too 🙂 thank you for your comment and your visit

  5. LOL Payback….. I like that.
    I think we are spirits having an earthly experience in these bodies. Having experienced a few ‘epiphany’s now, I am convinced there are other realities that we just can’t see or feel, only at certain times when we are intune and open to them. Lovely prose and picture.

    1. Hello daydreamertoo, thank you for your comment, yes I think we are spirits having an earthly experience, and boy do I have stories to tell when I get back LOL nice to see you 🙂

  6. If we are only borrowing I hope we have a way to pay it back later or the interest through eternity.. well you can imagine… maybe… big Grin. Liked your write!

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