The Adventures of Wallace – Learning Colours

Hello, my name is Wallace and I am one, two, three, four years old.  I have lots of toys and my favourite toy is my ball on a rope, I take it everywhere with me.  I do lots of things and love to run and run and run and jump up high, it is good fun.  One day my mummy said to me, “Wallace, it is time for you to learn colours today, come and sit here and we will begin”.   I thought this could be good fun so I ran over to mummy and sat down nicely.  I saw a lot of my toys next to mummy and I wondered what was going to happen to them, I got a little bit worried, I like my toys.  Mummy said, “Wallace if you learn all these colours I will teach you a nice little song about colours, would you like that”?   “Oh yes, mummy”,  I said, “I like songs”.

Mummy picked up my favourite ball on a rope and said, “This colour is called Yellow it’s bright and light”.  “Can you think of anything else that can be that colour too”?  Hmm, I had to think hard for a long time and then I said, “The sun in the sky is yellow mummy”.  “Good boy Wallace”, my mummy said “that is correct. Now remember that colour Y  E  L  L  O  W “.  Whoo hoo, yellow, yellow, yellow, I have a yellow ball on a rope. I wanted to play, but mummy wasn’t finished yet, so I had to wait.

Then mummy picked up my teddy bear and said, ” This colour is RED Wallace,  R   E   D“.    “Rrrr   Eee  Ddd”, I said to mummy I was happy and my tail wagged by itself, I like RED, hmm, but I wondered what else could be RED.  I asked mummy, “Is my tongue RED“?  “Not quite Wallace”, mummy said, “your tongue is PINK try again”.  I tried to think really, really hard this time, what else can be RED ?   It took me a long, long time to think but I got an idea eventually. “Flowers, mummy”, I said, they can be RED“.   “Yes, Wallace, very good, flowers can be RED.  Whoo hoo, I got it right I am clever.  

“One more colour Wallace and then I will teach you the Rainbow Song to help you learn your colours, and when we learn the song you will see what each colour looks like”, mummy said that and then she picked up my bone toy, this colour is BLUE Wallace”, mummy said.  B   L   U  E.   I had seen that colour before but where?   “oh, oh, mummy, I said, I know where BLUE is”, its way up in the sky, the sky is Blue sometimes.   “Well done Wallace, now tell me”, says mummy “What colour is your favourite ball”?   “Hmm, I thought, this is hard and I tried so hard to remember the name of the colour of my favourite ball. “It’s bright and light, oh I got it yeah, “it’s my yellow ball on a rope mummy”.  ” Well done Wallace, now what colour is your teddy bear”?   Oops I have forgotten that colour, oh no I won’t get my song.  It’s not pink  like my tongue it begins with a Rrrr, ah, it’s RED mummy”, I said. “Yes Wallace, very good, now, what colour is the sky”? mummy asked.   “Blue mummy”, I said. Mummy said that it was wonderful I was a good boy and now for the song.

Here is the song mummy taught me:


PURPLE and ORANGE and Blue

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow sing a rainbow too.

I like this song it helps me to remember my colours, mummy and me played that game all day long and sometimes if I see a pretty flower the song come into my head by itself and I sing it.

After I learned all my colours I went out to play for a little while with my favourite YELLOW ball on a rope, whoo hoo I had such fun running and jumping and I saw some other yellow things too, like flowers, cars and even a cat!  Colours are lots of fun and they are just everywhere. I have a colour too, I think it’s called dirty, mummy sometimes says “Wallace just look at the colour of you, you are dirty”.  It must be a nice colour, because after my bath mummy always says “Now look at your beautiful colour, you are such a pretty boy”.  You see everyone and everything has a colour.   I am nearly grown up now, I have learned all my colours like a big boy. Oh, I have just lost my favourite YELLOW ball, now I have to go and look for it in the long green grass. Bye for now, see you next time, I have to run really fast to find my favourite yellow ball.



    1. Yes very much so Daydreamertoo, I often look at him and wonder what goes on in his head lol he has such a lovely character 🙂 Thank you for your comment 🙂

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