Monkey’s Adventure

Short story slam prompt week 7

The prompt for short story slam week 7 Bluebell Books

Deep in the jungle far, far away

A monkey looked out from a tree top one day

Banana in hand and story to tell

Of a beach party adventure where coconuts dwell

Out on safari on long winding roads

The monkey did stumble on blues singing toads

This music I like the monkey did say

Well, come to our party it’s happening today

On to the beach the monkey did go

Where elephants danced waving trunks to and fro

Zebras, giraffes and wild lions too

The parrots looked grand in their feathers of blue

Toads playing music from a sand dune

Fish swimming and swaying in time with the tune

The party went on until day was done

Monkey thought his adventure was truly great fun






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