Grey Skies

When grey skies are all around

And only darkness can be found

All things look so dull and bad

Living a life that makes you sad


You can’t help the way you feel

Everything feels so surreal

Tomorrow may be filled with dread

What’s going on inside your head


Depression is a awful thing

 Skies are grey and no birds sing

Joy that seems so far away

Will come back again one day


These days will pass after a while

Once again you’ll  give a smile

When you conquer that bad day

All in time and in your way


You will hear sweet birds sing

And know the joy life can bring

And when that darkest day is done

Depression lost and you have won.

In my heart I can see

Exactly what you mean to me 


A simple smile or tender kiss 

When you’re near my life is bliss 


Spirit flying like a dove

In my heart I know it’s love

For Poet’s Rally week 53

Poetry Palace Perfect Poet Award

Thank you to Poetry Palace for the award I am very pleased to accept  it.

I would like to nominate June_Butterfly



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