To Dye Or Not To Dye That Is The Question – Sorry :)

I am faced with a dilemma today. My hair badly needs highlights so that I can go out and enjoy the festive season.  I never feel dolled up unless my hair looks good.  My dilemma is:  Should I stay natural or should I go ahead with the highlights?

Any other time I would just go ahead and get the highlights done automatically.  But, tomorrow is supposed to be the worlds end so is it worth it?   I occasionally have thoughts about going natural anyway it happens now and then.  But friends and family prefer my highlighted hair they say it keeps me young looking.  Ha-ha.  However I would have to wear a hat until my hair grew in with it’s natural colour.

I have also been thinking about ‘what if’ again.  Do I really want to go and meet my maker with dyed hair and would they even let me in if I did?  Decision we have to make eh?

On the other hand if it’s not the end of the world tomorrow, then I am going to look a right mess when I go out celebrating over the festive season.

Am I really that vain I ask myself. The answer is of course I am not.  I will do my highlights and be done with it!   As you may have guessed this is a load of none sense.  I was going to put highlights in my hair anyway, the rest is stuff that came into my head!!

In line with trending beliefs I am so sorry if you are disappointed with my post.

Have a great Thursday and remember tomorrow never comes anyway, it always ends up as today!!






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