Happy Father’s Day

My Dad


Sunday the 16th June is Father’s Day here in the UK.  This post is dedicated to my Dad who passed away on the 9th December 2009.

If my Dad was still alive today, I would be writing out a Father’s Day card for him to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  The card would have special words inside to express my love for him.  The beautifully printed words on the card would mean nothing to him   His dementia would not allow him the concentration to read them and retain them in his memory. But the hand written words such as Happy Father’s Day and I love you Dad would stay with him. He would also remember the little kisses that would be scrawled on the bottom of the card.  However,  the funny little sayings and jokes he would not remember.

Next Sunday i would be calling him to speak to him on the phone.  He would tease me by telling me he had a huge box of chocolates and a huge bag of jelly babies.  Then he would announce that he was enjoying a blackcurrant jelly baby at that precise moment.  I would be telling him no to be so cruel and I would chuckle and my Dad would chuckle. We would share laughter and jokes and I would find out how his day was going.   The phone call would end with my Dad telling me he would leave the crumbs of chocolate in the packet for me and I could have some half eaten jelly babies too the next time I came to visit.  More laughter at the end of our conversation.

I know my Dad enjoyed his Father’s Day and the memories will always be with me.   Father’s Day is not a sad day  for our family  thanks to my Dad and his sense of humour.   Next Sunday will be a day of smiles, remembrance, love and admiration.  Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you and miss you, xxxxx.


.  This LINK leads to a poem I wrote for my Dad


Happy Father’s Day to Dad’s everywhere, may your memories with your loved ones be great!



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