It’s A Sure Sign That Winter Is Approaching

Heat or Eat

It’s getting a bit chilly now isn’t it?  The darker nights are here and it’s time to get the winter clothing sorted out. It may also be an idea to get some hot water bottles and blankets too.  Rumour has it that we are in for a bad winter.

A rise in energy bills has been announced and this is becoming a sure sign that winter is approaching.  Fat cat energy companies and their share holders will be rubbing their hands with glee as they rake in the millions of pounds profit at our expense.

There was a brave (or stupid) effort by British Gas to have a question and answer session on the social media site Twitter.  I have to say it wasn’t a success at all.  People are angry and who can blame them. Many people in this country will be choosing between heating their homes and filling there stomachs.

There is no point in trying to switch to another company as they will be announcing rises too. We are in that place where we have no choice but to accept the price rise or freeze.  It’s all very wrong. No company should be allowed to get away with doing this.

No matter what the energy companies say, there is nothing that justifies the increase in energy prices.  They can put out all the figures they want but it still wont justify what they are doing.

Setting higher prices when people are suffering hardship only goes to show the extent of pure greed the energy companies have for profit.  As usual the consumer will suffer while the execs will enjoy bonuses.

This event will probably happen every year, unless the powers that be develop a backbone and tackle the energy companies.  If they don’t then it will cost the United Kingdom dearly.


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