A Poem By Euphemia Connor

excellent sunset

In The Brightness of Tomorrow

“It’s a road we must all travel, as we journey through our life

When the flag of time unfurrels at the end of all our strife

Then the road runs smooth and wide

Sunshine days seem endless, like an ever-flowing tide

But the road gets tougher and our trouble hard to bear

Till we meet a loving partner our burdens to gladly share

In the evening of life’s story when we view the way ahead

Some regrets of never doing, and words that are left unsaid

Tears and gladness flow together, in a never-ending stream

Always there is laughter in the magic of our dreams

When at last we see the sunset, in the twilight of our years

Yet the sunset lifts our spirits as we near the vale of tears

In the brightness of tomorrow, hope of happier days ahead

In the brightness of tomorrow, and a joyful road instead”

Ma Connor

Euphemia Connor

19th July 1937—27th  February 2014

Euphemia Connor wrote these words in the last days of her life to bring comfort to her family.  We understood what she was telling us.  This fine lady will be sadly missed by all who new her.  May you rest in peace Ma Connor.


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