The Older Generation

I can remember when I was much younger and my grandparents were alive and enjoying life. I loved them dearly. They taught us such a lot and gave us so much love as we were growing up. I could sit for hours listening to the stories of days gone by and what their life was like.

At family gatherings the older generation were treated with a lot of respect and always looked after well by members of the family.

When you are young it’s easy to take age, time and mortality for granted. You could not apprehend ever being part of the older generation. But alas, it comes to all of us in time and before you realise it you have become older and wiser like many before you. You are the new older generation and at first in can be quite daunting when you look in the mirror and see an elderly lady or man standing before you. You may also begin to use phrases that your grandmother,mother or other members of the older generation used. “oops I sound more like my mother every day” Do you recognise that phrase? +

Is this really me? Where did the time go?

Personally, I don’t mind being part of the older generation. I wouldn’ miss the joy and laughter I have with my family and friends for anything in the world. I feel so lucky to have reached my old age, it has been denied to so many.

I believe everyone deals with getting older differently, some people try to cling on to their youth for as long as they can. Whilst others accept old age with grace and enjoy life a day at a time. “Keep smiling, life is far to short to worry about what the future holds.” Life your life to the fullest don’t waste time worrying about it.

How do you deal with getting older? Did you ever think you would be part of the older generation?. Let me know in the comments.


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