Writing and me

I am very pleased with myself today as I have managed to get a little more writing done on my novel.  I haven’t done too badly today after all.   When I look back over the past week I can see just how much writing I have managed to do despite my bad health days. 

Here I am writing every single  day now, this is good considering that it has been many years since I have managed to accomplish this.  I have even been taking notes and getting things down as it comes to my head too.  I think I will look for my dictaphone as this will also help on my brain fog days when my short-term memory doesn’t work so good.  Everything seems positive now and although I still have a long way to go, I will accomplish my goal I am sure of that.

I am not fooling myself as I know only to well, that there will be bad days and I will  prepare for those.  Getting myself prepared for regular writing is next on the agenda, making time is the easy part for me.  I think a plan of action is needed to cope with these times;  motivational aides will be helpful.  The thing is, I now know the problems I am facing on my bad days so I can make preparations that will enable me to still do some writing.  This is not a revelation it’s a frame of mind and now that it is set I hope to keep it.  After all, I have ambitions, dreams and a promise to fulfill.


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